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About Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is a global fashion brand founded originally in Denmark in 1990 as a denim brand.

The company has succeeded in capturing its target audience in a short time with its unique designs that have become one of the symbols of comfort and sportive elegance.

The brand, which started its journey with jeans, continues with many clothing options added to its collection, from t-shirts to sweatshirts, from shorts to shirts with designs targeting only men.

Drawing attention with its design line that complements the masculine stance of men with sporty details, Jack & Jones is at the center of elegance in all seasons with its summer and winter collections.
Blending the clothing options it creates with inspiration from new seasons with a classic and timeless design perspective, the brand succeeds in catching the fashion of the age.

Characterizing daily wear with comfort, practical use, and quality, Jack & Jones men's clothing products aim to bring the design range supported by its rich body and color variety to every style.

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